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Sunday, May 09, 2021
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Many Thanks to Mary Ellen

The quilters (Christian Mission Group) received a multitude of beautiful quilt tops from Mary Ellen Sandquest in April. Just as the quilters had run out of tops to match with bottoms - the box arrives in the mail. Mary Ellen’s servant heart which leads her to send us these great tops is truly a blessing to our ministry. 
Below is the note Mary Ellen included with the tops. 
Dear Friends in Christ,
     I think of you often during the week but every Tuesday morning I picture myself at coffee with you. I miss you all dearly. 
     I love living 2 doors down from middle daughter. I have a (small) 3 bedroom house so needless-to-say, one is my “studio”. I’m keeping busy (as you might guess from this box) and I finally attended (and joined) the local quilt club. 30 in attendance and they called it small. They meet once a month so it’s more a social group of very nice, like minded ladies—if your ears were burning, it was me telling about the mountain of projects you folks turn out in a year. 
     I’m planning a trip to St. Louis...a grandson is graduating college (with special honors...brag-brag) and I still have the cottage in N. Wisconsin filled with a life-time of stuff. So the trip up there will be a mixture of nostalgia and hard-work! Aha! 
     I trust you to do whatever you see fit with these quilts. A couple of them I call Love Me or Hate Me But you Can’t Ignore Me. On the positive side, my stash is slightly reduced so I’m winning the battle….maybe. Please relay my love to Analea and anyone else who has touched my many! 
                                                       God is Good—All the Time
                                                       May Ellen 
427 Lockwood Road
Davis, IL 61019-9526