Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont
Sunday, May 09, 2021
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Joy, Joy, Joy

There was a tradition in the early church as the Sunday’s after Easter being filled with merriment and laughter. The tradition was born out of the idea that the new of the resurrection is so unbelievable it is humorous. For some parts of the church this still is true and the sing-song rhythm of Dr. Suess’s classic style is used throughout the whole of the liturgy. The hymns are then chosen as those which bring joy and playfulness to the service— think “Joy, Joy, Joy” and “I Just Want to Be a Sheep.”   While we currently don’t participate in this tradition at Peace, I thought a taste might wet your pallet. This month I have included this Sussesish prayer for you to enjoy throughout the month. May your Easter Season be filled with joy and may those who don’t know the Good News think this abundant joy is absurd that is hilarious. 

Let us bow our heads and fold our hands to pray for all across the spans

We pray for people everywhere, for those who want or need your care:
(List off both your serious and funny prayer needs here)

We pray for people everywhere.
The people of Christ are here and there,
so for the church that we all share:
(Pray for ministries that bring you joy and laughter— don’t have any pray for the Spirit to inspire you to start one)

We pray for people everywhere.
For everything that Loraxes care,
for water, earth, fire and air:
(Pray for places in creation that you see joy and for things you think are funny like platypus)

Pray for Government Leaders)
We pray for people everywhere.
For those who suffer, we are aware,
we know that they are in your care:
(Look at our prayer list found in the middle of this newsletter and pray for anyone you know that might need a little more 
joy in his or her life)

We pray for people everywhere.
For those who no longer share our air,
and their families, we offer prayer:
(Pray for those who you know that have joined the church triumphant and for those who grieve)

We pray for people everywhere.
For our friends this week we all did share,
though when we see them may be rare:
(Pray for people who bring you joy that you haven’t seen in a while)

We pray for people everywhere.
With just heart or with voice it is always your choice.
Don't ever feel odd.
When you're talking to God.
There is never a need to rhyme.

All this we ask because we care:
We pray for people here and there.
We pray for people everywhere. 

Peace Lutheran Church
Pastor Kara Shaw
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