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Sunday, May 09, 2021
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Fear Be Not Afraid

Fear Be Not Afraid 

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services Creates Resources for Congregations and Immigrant Families Fractured by Fear

Be Not Afraid equips congregations to respond to immigration issues impacting their members and communities. Congregations are fractured over the issue, unsure how to respond as the family of Christ. Pastors, like Alvaro Nova Ochoa at Comunidad de Esperanza in Tulsa, OK,  are facing a decline in membership and participation as immigrant members are deported or fear being detained. Immigrant families are fractured by a broken system that often denies due process, separates parents and children, and are creates a culture of fear that interrupts daily life.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has heard from denominational bodies and individual congregations who want to do something to turn back the fear and inspire people with strength and hope.

In response to their needs, we have launched the Be Not Afraid project, a series of tools focused on four critical themes. There are four modules to help people engage their faith:

Be Informed – Presentation and materials for immigrants and their families

Be Equipped – Training and resources for congregations and volunteers

Be Prepared – Network congregations and partners for raids response as needed

Be an Advocate – Resources for those interested in advocating for better policies


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