Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont
Sunday, May 09, 2021
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ELCA World Hunger

Meet Baracka
Last year drought struck in East Africa; villages across the region faced tough times. Many families lost their livestock to disease and lack of food and struggled to find enough for their children to eat. Two-year-old Baracka lost his mother to the drought. His grandmother cares for him now. Without his mother’s milk, baby Baracka became severely malnourished. In his weakened state, Baracka developed tuberculosis. At two years old, he weighed only 10 pounds. Praying for a miracle, and with no other option for medical care, Baracka’s grandmother walked a full day to bring Baracka to the rural health clinic where Dr. Steven Friberg works. At the health clinic Baracka received medicine to treat the tuberculosis. With access to medical care and
supplemental nutrition, he is gaining weight. Thanks to Dr. Friberg, an ELCA missionary supported by your gifts to ELCA World Hunger, Baracka has been able to return home.
Why Give?
As members of the ELCA, we believe that God is calling us into the world –    together. Our church and its ministries depend on gifts from members like you. With your gifts, we are doing incredible things. We are opening doors to new communities of faith, helping people break the cycle of hunger and poverty, identifying and preparing future leaders, responding to disasters and emergencies, and so much more.
Make checks payable to your congregation, write your designation
(e.g. “ELCA World Hunger”) in the memo line, and place your gift in the offering plate.