Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont
Sunday, May 09, 2021
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Council Corner, July 2019

¨ All council members present for June 27 meeting.
¨ NO treasurer’s report ——as month not yet ended.
¨ Assistant Financial Secretary to be Kathy Kidder.
¨ 10 volunteers trained on defibrillator
¨ God’s Work/our Hands shirts will be ordered on August 1. 
$10– Short Sleeve; $15 Long Sleeve; $20 Sweatshirt
¨ Sincera Wellness granted permission to use Fellowship Hall on November 9 from 8-12 for a seminar for blended families.
¨ Motion approved to have Royce Davis Siding cover, seal and waterproof the exterior of the stained glass window in Fellowship Hall for $200. 
¨ Next retreat-council meeting, August 8, 2019.