Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont
Sunday, May 09, 2021
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August Christian Mission Person of the Month

     Contrary to her own opinion, Darla Chaloupek is just “a character” who’s fun to be around! Her good nature and        generosity adds flavor to any WELCA meeting, Red Hat Club outing, or quilting session. 
      Darla’s personal philosophy is “Nothing is worth having unless you work for it.” Darla has invested much of her life in the working world– beginning with babysitting jobs; selling Christmas cards door to door; helping her sister with her paper routes; selling popcorn and tickets at a theater; cleaning a lawyer’s home and doing the family’s ironing—getting paid by the piece; restaurant jobs; and doing encoding work an night posting of business accounts for a bank. With a good work ethic deeply instilled in her, Darla worked in a clothing store before opening her own store in Marshalltown, IA. She added an additional store and even managed them from afar after she moved from the area. When that became too                   burdensome, the stores were sold. Darla then worked once again for others at a gift shop in TX, and Hallmark stores in OK and WI. 
     Her favorite place of all is Fairfield Bay—-loving its peace and   quiet, all that nature has to offer and the friendliness of the people here. Serve her some chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream and a Diet Coke..and she’d think she was dining with Jesus in heaven! And when that time comes, she’d thank Him for all he’s done. 
     When the retirement move to FFB was made, Darla quit working for pay cold turkey! But at Peace Lutheran she heard a request for “helpers needed for quilting”, so she joined right in. Now Darla is “the primary acquirer” (shopper) for supplies that aren’t contributed to the Christian Mission Group’s endeavors. “I go to Goodwill and Wear and Share to look for sheets we use for backs and tops. I’m always buying thread for my sewing machine and keeping and eye out for a good buy on material—to quilt tops or lap throws or for fillers for lap robes. I never turn material down others offer. Darla spends many, many hours in her sunroom preparing material for the     Tuesday group to quickly put together. Darla’s hands work longer than the group does, so the back log of ready-to-be-tied items is a tall stack. More quilters are need to keep pace with her! 
     Darla also sings in the Peace Choir, plays the highest notes in the chime choir, is a WELCA member and a Thrivent member—having the latter group with the Christmas shopping the past several years. Along with her husband, Bob, her daughter, two sons, “my yappy dog and loving at, and the family I have left, I also consider my friends and members of Peace Lutheran Church part of my family.”