Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont
Monday, July 06, 2020
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A Web of Love

Sometimes, God, I step back from my busy participation in worship and just observe the miracle that is happening around me.  I have been a member of my congregation for many years. When I arrive early I watch the greeters take their positions at the door and deliver warmth and welcome to those who enter.  Once in, worshipers choose a spot to land and the congregations fills in around them.  If they are arriving in the nick of time, they tuck themselves in among those who have already settled.   Sometimes they find a space at the edge. Sometimes bodies must adjust to allow them to move through the row. It’s a wave of human warmth, smiles, adjustments, acknowledgements and blessings. 

This is hoy business, watching the sanctuary fill for the familiar dance of rising and sitting, bowing and moving, praying and eating.  We are a company, Christ’s body, in this place.  It is most obvious here, when we hold silence together moving in unison and creating harmonies of praise, but it reaches beyond this hour of worship.  The body continues its choreography as we need to govern ourselves, plan and serve, both here and elsewhere.  The Spirit of God is the air between us.  

Because I am not new, I am aware of infilled spaces in the pews where once an elder sat.  I grieve the missing greeting, the hands held on the way to communion.  Sometimes the losses happened quickly.  Sometimes they happened slowly, sporadically.  Eventually there is just space and memory.  

I notice the small ones, so often noisy and restless, dancing when the music bounces, continuing to make a joyful noise after the human is done, daring          exploration before they are again corralled and    cuddled by patient vigilant adults who welcome the promise they are among us.  I see those parents, whose attention is divided almost always, making safe space for the little ones while they are to worship themselves. I also see them offering encouragement for their reticent adolescent on the cusp of self-discovery baptismal calling still emerging. These young ones are out future in so many ways.  

Friction may spark.  How does a space honor both hearing aids and restless little ones? Is there a way to manage the ambient noise?  How do we hold together the perspective of both those who earning years are over and those whose earning potential is just  beginning to blossom?  What gifts do those with experience offer those who are beginning?  What Insights do fresh eyes offer to eyes that have been around the block so many times?  We are called to be the body of Christ together. Our value, In God’s eyes, is equally miraculous and priceless.

Gracious God, teach us to see each other as you do, offer a benefit of the doubt and respond to each other as the gifts we are.  These are your creations, the cycle of life, the exquisite grief and joy of generations extending before us and beyond us, May we know the wonder of your web of love embodies among us.  In Jesus’s name.  Amen.